F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

We've added this Frequently Asked Questions Section to assist you with possible question(s) you may have about our Website, Company, Services, or in General. We have provided this in hopes it will help you. If not? Feel free to contact us with any question(s), within our Contact Section under CONTACT, in the Menu above.

As time moves forward. We will be adding more questions for review. (without notice). So check back frequently…


WHO ARE YOU F**#'N PEOPLE? Lol. Please review our About Section in the Menu under ABOUT. This will give you some quick history and knowledge of, whom we are and what we do. We are a privately and Independently owned production studio specializing in the creation of original Web-Comics, Literature, Music, and Short Film series. 

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We are currently located in the great state of, Arizona. Specifically, as we like to say and the locals say, “The Valley of the Sun!” This is currently, but we could be anywhere, at any given time in the future. This is home for now.

WHY DID YOU CHANGE FROM WHAT YOU WERE? Lets just keep it simple. Our Director and Owner - Dane DeBro, had a new vision and foresight into the future. Also combine that with how he mysteriously devised and acquired the name. Via a strange and life altering experience. It just made perfect sense. Our logo and mascot - Zero, has a very strange tale about it's creation and birth into this realm. Stay tuned. We plan to release a short Doc, that explains this matter. In the near future…

THAT OWL LOOKS LIKE AN ILLUMINATI SYMBOL. ARE YOU AGENTS FOR THE ILLUMINATI? First off. Hell No! We do not support Globalism or De-Population measures. We are just a small production studio. Looking to bring and create original art. We are tired of the crap being released from the entertainment industry. So it's time for us to share with the World, our smooth style and features. It has not been an easy fight over the years, because we won't sell ourselves out to Elitist or political movements. For the record…Allot of people and very few in the world realize. The owl is an ancient symbol for the Creator. Specifically the being spoken about in the Apocriypha of John (a thrown out book in the Bible). Just like that book and the Universe. We are making our own World and Universe here.


WHAT ARE THE TERMS AND RULES AROUND HERE? Feel free to access our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and all other legal information for when your using this website under our Rules Section in the Menu or :HERE: (Fair warning! We hope you like to read; It's allot of solid information but boring; Still you need to know it to be a successful user, customer, and client within our website).

I'M WITH THE NEWS OR MEDIA? HOW CAN I INVITE YOU TO INTERVIEW? That's simple. Just contact us in our Contact Section :HERE: (Please allow 24-72 hours response time).

DO YOU HAVE OR ARE YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Yes! We exist there! We post our available social media links on the first page of this website when you enter. Check next to the Updates Section under Social Media. Our available links are there. Or you can go :HERE:

CAN I CREATE MY OWN STUFF WITH YOUR IMAGERY? CAN I FREELY SHARE YOUR IMAGERY ANYWHERE? CAN I DO SO EVEN FOR A LITTLE PROFIT? Hell No! You will be required to get permission first to do this! We provide features and information to share on your social media to help spread the word. You can only share those features to social media if it allows you too. Anything else on this website? You need to contact us in our Contact Section :HERE: We are strict on what we allow others to do with our Imagery, brands, or services. Just do the right thing and ask first. 

I'VE BECOME A DIE-HARD FAN. CAN I MAKE A FAN CLUB or GROUP PAGE on Social Media for ZERO DARK ART STUDIO? Die-Hard? Is it Christmas? jk. In the future this will be appealing, but just like the last question. You will need permission first! Contact us in the Contact section of this website. When this fateful day happens? We might allow it after permission by us is granted. You will not be able to make any profit from it. If we allow profit in the future from such a Die-Hard venture? Then make sure you have your shoe's on, because we will expect a hefty percentage back to our company.

YOU STATE THAT ONE OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS IS AN ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT MACHINE. DO I NEED TO BE CONCERNED? Absolutely not. You're referring to Strega - XM133 we presume. Strega is not a physical A.I., but a artificially intelligent application/program. We utilize this system for Voice Over work, Mastering, and other production features we require. It is not a autonomous machine. It is not connected to a server. It is not involved in any of the programming of this website either. It is a stand alone system, that operates from two different applications in the world. It's not plottting to kill humanity and it is about, as dangerous, as a pillow or trash can.

ARE YOU HIRING? Outside of the work Dane does. We currently outsource our needs with reliable companies and services. We have a career page, that is on this site, but not visible to the public yet. When it is available? We will make it accessible to the public to review and apply for job opportunities we post. You will know when it is available trust us. 


I"M AN ARTIST LOOKING FOR A LABEL OR STUDIO TO SIGN TOO. HOW CAN I JOIN? We appreciate the interest. Sadly we are not accepting artist submissions. We no longer work like our former faces, as a label. We are a private and independently ran studio. Our doors are closed currently to the public entering. In the future? This may change. Until then? The only services to artist we offer is in our Studio Section :HERE: Of which, that section is currently under review and being finalized. It may seem confusing when artist see Dane's section or Hex Fallen's section. That's for them, because they have interest in our company. In the future? We may change our tune on this.