Looks like you need work? If you have accessed this section of our website? Then more than likely. You are interested in the services we offer. For the record. We do not post our rates. You must hit us up in the Contact section in the menu above or :HERE: The following are the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us today! Looking forward to hearing from you! Dane Debro our founder and CEO, is the current handler of this section. All work will be provided from him at this time. Until our internal team grows…Let's get started!


At this current time. The following information is the services we provide. The following is deemed to change at any given time without notice. (Please check back frequently to observe our current services provided). IMPORTANT NOTE: Pending the payment for services option given. Per direction when you Contact us!  You will be required to make a payment to Cash App or Paypal, or via our Donations button under the, “INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES”, section of our Official Online Store in the menu above.



Yes! We can help you out! Per Administrative needs? Contact us per what you are requiring. Contracts? Whether you are needing general or actual Music based contracts? We have an extensive library on file of contracts that you can utilize for your needs. ((Be advised; We are not Lawyers; If you take on this service? You should follow up with a true Lawyer for guidance). We will give you the format. You work out the rest with respective parties)).





Service(s) Disclaimer: 

Results will vary with our clients. Pending requirements; Scheduling; Time requirements or constraints; Each requirement for service(s). Will have various results. We do not post our rate(s) here due to we require strong communication between us and any potential client we serve. We also are not attempting to compete nor be in competition with other studio(s). The services above all have differing results due to need, location, time, schedule, and agreed upon payment rates. No services will be provided until agreed upon payment rate is secure and all transactions between us and client have been accounted for financially.

(For all the listed  services we provide here in this Services section, of our website. Depending your location. If out of local or state travel is required for these services? Please note! Expenses for these services will be based upon initial required pay out to include these expenses for travel and lodging.).