Zero Dark Art Studio, is an independent production studio. Our studio is owned by our director Dane DeBro. It is our express goal. To create new and original artistic brands. To provide something "New" in an entertainment environment, that seems to be spinning tires. We aim to provide art for consumption by all walks of life. While the rest of the world and even the entertainment industry is catering to politics, religion, and getting involved in the say of personal lives. We have no desire to do so! We aim to bring entertainment and stay out of your business. We want you to enjoy what we have to offer. If you love it? Spread the word and stick around. We have a whole universe being built here. After 20 years in the business. We know how vile it can be and our purpose is strictly to entertain. 

Company Motto: "At the Zero Hour...We Fade or We Change!" We hope to see you standing with us every day, as the gates of this new dimension of creation unfold!

Welcome to Zero Dark Art Studio's official website:


THE FORMER BRANDS OF MURDER MORGUE RECORDS, D.MORGUE SOUND STUDIO, AND HEX FALLEN...Was purchased by ZERO DARK ART STUDIO, in 2016. Ownership of all brands and Hex Fallen's music library were transferred and given to Dane DeBro and now managed by ZERO DARK ART STUDIO. Murder Morgue Records operated from 2007-2015. D.Morgue Sound Studio, was the indie labels private studio and set the foundation for many indie artist and bands to build and create their art. Hex Fallen, was the first and original producer & artist for the label from 2007-2016. Hex Fallen released all of his art and titles independently via the Murder Morgue Records website: and it was the launch pad for many others up until 2015. 

In 2016, the doors where shut and a plan to create a new face and design took place. All for the sake of keeping the dream alive. Previous artist and bands with Murder Morgue Records. Have since gone their own path. Hex Fallen's career, as an artist is over, but before handing the torch to our hand. Asked, that all he had done still be remembered. So Zero Dark Art Studio accepted the request and we leave this historical information here out of his honor. All of Hex Fallen's titles and releases are also available in our brands section :HERE:  Some releases are available, as freebies or still for sale in our store. Murder Morgue Records was a brutal lesson learned. We spent many hours learning from past mistakes and took a couple of years to start a new measure and agenda. At the Zero Hour...We made a decision...We Fade! Or We Change! We decided to change. Yes Murder Morgue Records spawned what we are now....To them we owe a million honors and their, "Music from the Beyond", will forever be in out hearts. Now We Enter the 
Era of ZERO DARK ART Studio..



Dane Debro: Founder and Owner of Zero Dark Art Studio and Dane, also is the writer and creator of our Web-Comics. Dane, also serves, as an Audio/Recording Producer for our Music division. Dane, is also a leading film producer behind SouthWest Journeys and our other film features. Fun Fact? Dane, is a Combat Arms Veteran with 16 years of service in 2 branches of military service. Dane is the man behind the curtain for our operations.

ZERO: The official studio mascot.

The Hidden 6, are a select classified team of individuals, that assist our Studio & Site, as Consiglieres. Whom, give guidance to keep us focused. Perhaps in due time? They will appear to forefront. Time will tell.

STREGA - XM133: Is an A.I. System we utilize within various productions within Zero Dark Studio. It's earned enough respect to garner its own identity. Strega - XM133, is involved in Audio, Film, Mastering, Voice Overs, and various other capabilities within our productions and brands.