On 8/4-5-23. There are changes and additions to include we are scrubbing the site for errors. We are also ensuring ease of use across Desktops, Laptops, Phones, and other devices you may review our site from. We want to bring the best this go round…With and Zero Dark Art Studio.

Usually when a site is scrubbed something crazy is happening to the owners. We are utilizing this term just to inform you the user/visitor. We are simply house cleaning and updating the flow and view. To include ensuring there are few errors grammatically. Feel free! If you note anything or a concern to Contact Us in the Menu under CONTACT or :HERE:

We want your experience when viewing our site to be appealing and fun. We don't like keeping a messy house or store front. We also appreciate suggestions or concerns. You're helping us grown and provide better by doing so…

First thing you will notice? We have updated the background of this site. We felt our purple Zero should be the one. Remember? Zero, is our official logo and company mascot. Since our Title graphics across the site show a purple background with yellow or green fonts. We felt this color scheme would match and really make the site pop.

We are still strengthening our RULES section. (As seen in the menu). Updating all Terms of Service, Policies, General information, Disclaimers and more…As we say, “Why do we have Rules? It's what separates us all from Stupidity!” Rules are important not only for us, but also you the user of this site and visitor.

The STORE: We are currently spending time getting our online shop primed with good products and from good services. For right now? We are doing limited waves of clothing and merchandise. We are adding media to include getting ready to add a ton more. 

WHERE ARE THE WEB-COMICS? They are undergoing final edits. To include being slowly illustrated in a format we want to deliver. Once we come to terms with these two features. They will fly quickly into your viewer-ship. Some of the stories we offer under our BRANDS Section, will be available, in 2025. There will be what we call Synopsis issues, aka Introduction issues for the following series: ANCIENT C.O.R.E., Hell Ryders MC, and The GodSlinger. Those synopsis issues will be there for a while for these brands. Until we develop the scheduling and finalize how we will deliver them in style and format. 

ZERO DARK ALPHA and the EVILS Series, will once in motion. Have regular Bi-Monthly issues into Monthly. Released to the public. We also are releasing our Web-Comic brands here and here alone. We have reviewed places literally hundreds of free and paid web-comic platforms. To be honest? We don't like their viewing capabilities. So like all our flavor. We are hosting here and will promote, via Social media to get more viewers. We feel that is the best mission to sustain. We believe always host your own if you can….

Zero Dark Alpha will be in 12 issue arcs. While all of our other brands will be in 6 arcs. Once a series of arcs are complete? We will create physical novel formats to be sold. Anytime we have Synopsis Issues, as we call them or if an issue is labeled, as INTRODUCTION. Those will be “FREE”. Other issues will have a limited or set price in order to read them. 

We want so bad to release them faster, but we can not find a reasonable, passionate, nor serious illustrator for our stories. So far ones we have held meetings or interviews with do not have the demeanor. Nor heart we are looking for in our team members. There are two famous ones we want, but they are currently out of our price range. Just know…Dane DeBro, whom writes these stories we will present. Has decided to put his hands to work and illustrate them, at this time. He can draw, but is nervous, he has never truly released a comic. lol. There's a first time for everything, and there's no time like the present. 

Stay tuned…They're coming fast.

SERVICES: We have updated the STUDIO page in the menu or you can review it :HERE: Just for the record we do not post our rates. We are not trying to compete nor be competitive with any other production studio. You must contact us. If you are interested in our service(s). We also are only doing work remotely, at this time. We are not allowing clients to visit nor physically enter our studio, at this time. This will change in the course of the next 5 years. If you expect us to come to you Locally, State, or Out of State? Then expect the expense of quoted rates to go up. To include, Travel, Food, and Lodging. 

That's All for Now! Keep visiting Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Changes to this site happen fast and often times without notice. Also? We almost forgot…Our monthly NewsLetter's first issue releases on Halloween of this year. Why Monthly? If you are like us. You hate getting news letters from services or sites at rate of 1-5 per day. We like the monthly option. We also feel if you're a true fan of what we do? 9/10, you will be visiting daily, weekly, or monthly. To stay on top of things around here. We don't want to bod your email or other means of info gathering down with constant transmissions saying, “Hey You! Look at what the Hell we did today!” It's nerve racking and we just don't want to treat our fans, followers, nor people that way.