was an American solo artist hailing from Oklahoma, yet originally born & from Mississippi. Defining his own art and style into a pardigm he called, "Music From the Beyond!" Creating music that was a far cry from the realities of typical genre's. Mixing hypnotic forms and features to: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock & Metal. Classified only as, Fright Rap to typical industry standards. While maintaining his own style of it. Still this was not your typical artist and never has been nor will be....

Hex Fallen, preferred to create, write, perform, and produce his own art into a powerfull force. To allow the listener to partake on a spiritual journey through reality, the mind, and deep into the uncharted territories of mental space, that no method of uphoria could ever inhabit or manifest into existance. Leaving the listener only one option to open their mind and beyond the door  see a mirror.... "A Mirror that casts, what you Reflect!"

Hex Fallen, once owned and operated Murder Morgue Records. Of which, he served as the entities Owner / Operations Director. HF, has been a member of former groups in the past, but the past is the past. Which is? Best left where it started. Over the course of his career in music, he has released: 3 Independent Albums; 8 Singles, in Digital Format, & has been featured, on various underground compilations & projects over the years. To include, doing 195 shows. Hex Fallen, also had his original version of a track titled: "Nokturnal", on an Independent Film: The Stitcher, released by: Next Monkey Films & Productions & VCI Entertainment, released in 2007.

Hex Fallen, is  a Combat Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom '04 & Operation Iraqi Freedom '08. With, just over 15 years in service, which explains allot of holes in his music career.
Hex Fallen hung up his microphone in January 2016. Not in a manner of quitting. Yet? In a manner of moving on to bigger things. HF, also was foreseeing the world going South. HF's former military experience allowed him to see the political landscape changing and his style and art form was fading into an abyss. There was no ethical value in any art at the time, and there still isn't. Ironically his music is still listened to across various alternate platforms. Time is no friend to anyone. So once Zero Dark Art Studio took charge of his brand, art, music, and old label & studio. We will still honor him here...
"If I let anyone down? Please Forgive me! I thank you! For those that truly supported my brand, that was Hex Fallen. You were my reason! The world after, 2015 was moving so fast. Everyone was distracted. Time got out from underneath me and life stomped me to the ground. Just know it's not over. The life force, that was? Has formed into this "New" Face and concept. The label is gone. That saddens me the most. Murder Morgue Records, was being fashioned to be a new face in Fright Rap and Horror, at the time. To also represent other hardened artist learning to master the craft of Art, in the form of Music. It wasn't about me. It was about giving people a chance to build themselves into a dynamic art form. I was just apart of the equation. No longer than I omitted myself or was knocked out of the equation. Many surrounding me took the lead in my region. That is fine. I wish them the best. Yet? In my life, when ever I have fallen or go into exile. I return better and stronger. I learned a lot over the years. It has been a learning experience, but I guarantee you....Strength has been reborn within this website. You have no idea yet? Soon you will....At the Zero Hour! We fade or we change! I welcome Zero Dark Art Studio, as the new house. Let's have fun! My days, as an artist are over, but I will still be producing beats for others use. I will also release music for the passion. Performing will be damn near zero. Other than music based vids I put on the Internet. I will have changed my branding & I'm also going to release some books. I have worked on in secret for years. When it comes to a new beginning...
"At the Zero Hour. We fade or we change!"                    
- Hex Fallen.


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