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Thanks for stopping by. I am the Founder, Owner, and Operations Manager for Zero Dark Art Studio. Welcome to www.ZeroDarkArt.com. You can learn more about our history :HERE: . The past was an interesting ride. Everything here is a restructure of three previous failures. I've always believed its ok to fail. Providing you do not make it a constant repeat. This new face? I truly believe in and I truly believe after years of learning. This new face will lead us to victory. I figured not only to welcome you, but also give you an idea of what is going on? Here at our official website.

I built this website off of the foundation of it's original face. My goal, with Zero Dark Art Studio, is simple. I want to bring a “New” face to some all original entertainment. The entertainment industry, has allot of good flavor out there, but I also feel there is not enough originality. Even though humanity likes to say, “There is nothing new under the sun!” With us? We aim to make something new even if it has elements, that resemble chapters in Earths history.

Zero Dark Art Studio, is now home to our upcoming Web-Comic releases. I have written multiple stories, that all originated from an idea, that sat in a shoe box for 10 years. I began compiling this idea into what we plan to release here. Our studio, will also be home to other productions in film and audio, as time moves on. So stay tuned. Everything we are about? Everything we plan to release to start? Is all here on this site….Get previews of our aim within our official website. So feel free to explore. Everything some one new needs to know is here. If you should have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us :HERE:

Since choosing to jump into Web-Comic creation and eventually into graphic novel releases. I wanted to give some in-site to our up and coming brands. they are, as follows:






ZERO DARK ALPHA, is an action/adventure sci-fi series set between 2018-2040. This series will focus on a specialized team of operators fighting against three different forces of evil. One off-world, One in an alternate dimension, and One from underneath the Earth. 

This is the main story and there will be multiple off-shoots of this story, that will cover origin(s), Back history, and other matters in order to wrap the universe created within together.


ZERO DARK ALPHA - ANCIENT C.O.R.E., covers a story line from multiple points in ancient history. I'm not going to go into much detail, at this time. As the regular issues of ZDA take form. Once this series comes to light. It will help give rise to the concept, that the primary evil. Our Zero Dark Alpha team faces, has been up to its plots for a seriously long time frame.

Real soon… I will be posting additional brands from the ZDA series of comics. Which are the following:






ZERO DARK ALPHA - MCNAB ISLAND - Covers the events from 1955-1983, in our stories origin. This story gives the background of many of the creatures, that will be fought in the Zero Dark Alpha main story line.






ZERO DARK ALPHA - THE UNLIKELY - A series covering down on some of the most unlikely of heroes in the world. Regular people and regular aliens (lol.). Cast into some unlikely adventures. This series, out of my presentations of art. Will be the closest to a traditional comic of normal people turned super heroes. All my other tales are more military or super natural based comics.






ZERO DARK ALPHA - A MAN CALLED OX - Every comic series, has it's villain turned Anti-Hero. OX? You will meet him in Zero Dark Alpha, issue 0006. Allot of readers will question OX's back story in the Zero Dark Alpha series. Also how and what he was up to after the McNab Island story. To include how some one who should be close to 90 years old in the main ZDA story line. Looks the way he does without aging. If a human could be an energizer battery. This guy, speaks the definition…


Here is a snippet from issue 0001 of Zero Dark Alpha…This tells about some of the organizations in the Zero Dark Alpha Story Line. To include some other flavor…








The EVILS - SERIES, is a stand alone web-comic done in short story format. Some of the secondary characters visited or seen within the main ZDA series. Will be featured in this series. All issues will be short stories and probably only one issue each. The stories, in this series. Will have the capability to be stand alone stories. Many of this series issues will be important to understand. In order, to fill back story or major loop holes within the ZDA main story. 

Within this series, at a later time. 12 issues will be released, that will be eventually released, as a special volume. The events in these twelve issues will be mentioned in the Synopsis issue of Zero Dark Alpha. 






No we're not starting a Motorcycle club. The Hell Ryders M.C., is planned to be a 10 issues series. Telling the story of the Hell Ryder's M.C. The entire motorcycle gang, is wiped out by a disgruntle former member. Four surviving members ride out to seek revenge on this former brother turned rogue. The four surviving members suspect it is one of the characters you will meet, in ZDA issue 0006. Low and behold it is not. Upon defeat of the found murderer. They are presented with a challenge by a dark force from the Hades Realm. To destroy a cast of evil characters, that are in the way of the entities from this realms exploits. 







GODSGUN - The Story of James Colton and the Fall of Stull, Kansas: Is a story set in 1875. This web-comic will be in a different format. Than what most readers are use too. Think back to the comic style articles released in the 50's and early 60's. Where they were not drawn or released like comics we think of the last 30 years nor today. Those kind of articles were released like small short stories with imagery. This story, will be important to all of the brands and art, that I will bring and present. It's important to allot of the back story in Hell Ryders M.C., EVILS - Series, and even portions of some of the exploits in Zero Dark Alpha. You will see…


I have designed an entire Universe…

Stay Tuned.



Thanks for your time. I hope to see you grow with us…