We Have Established Our Official FaceBook Page @ZeroDarkArtStudio

Being a Member or Visitor here at www.ZeroDarkArt.com, is the ultimate form of following our cause, brands, and efforts. As a small company we have multiple Social Media alternatives, that will be appearing. We have a few now, but we are rolling them out to the public in a proper time fashion. Currently? We are releasing our official FaceBook Page here now. So please feel free to follow us there and share with those you think would find intereste in our work. We share content via our Social Media, that you sometimes and most of the time can not find here. Regardless. We thank you for your well rounded support. Stay tuned more to follow. 

If you're a member of FaceBook and would like to follow our content there? Feel free to join: @ZERODARKARTStudio