The Story & Mystery of Societies Black Cat Begins....

"BLACK CAT - by Hex Fallen", is Officially Here! Initial Pre-Order for the Title will be Available Today /w Select Tracks from the Title! This release contains 13 tracks! Upon return from Christmas Break & this Holiday Season! We Will Upload the Full 13 Tracks for Your Pleasure! (forgive us; we are completely D.I.Y. & also human too? We have families to be with this Holiday Season); Upon Return! The Full Album will be Uploaded, by Dec 29th 2015! 

"I'm Releasing this Title? Digital to Start! Then within the First Few Weeks of January 2016! I will Allow Hardcopy Orders! Listen? You don't understand what has gone on behind the scene's this 2015 year. Especially? With myself & my current official artists. We hit some rough roads from August - November 2015. Everything I Do! Everything we do, as artist here at Murder Morgue Records, is 100% D.I.Y. (meaning? We Do Shit Ourselves; Out Our Own Pocket). I also scrapped this Album 6 times this year (2015); Finally! Fuckin Finally! I have this title, where I want it! Unless you have actually committed to true art? Then you may not understand? Who knows. If you have? Then you know? It can't be completed until your fucking soul is inside it! The same goes for any art!

Yeah! Allot of Fuck Off Artist's, are out there making shit that sounds like it was puked up from inside a washing machine. Pumpin shit out like STD's! With a bullshit titles every month! Yet? In my fucking world! I take my time & want to create albums, that are like books / stories. Titles, that will have purpose & reason to grow, in your heart over time! Music does not have an expiration date! Any artist, that tells you that music does have an expiration? Is a fucking ass clown, that should be shot the middle finger or if I had my way... Never Mind! So Forgive this Titles Long Stroll.... Now it's Crossing Your Path!"    ---- Hex Fallen 

For Now? Here is Insight to the Full Track List!