There are two types of membership here @: &! First! You have regular membership signup to our mailing list. Then there is? SignUp to our online & offline street team. Being a member of our official online & offline street team. Gives you the chance to take your passion for what we do? To the next level. We also? Only allow those, whom are passionate about our cause to join. We are strict on who gets to become members of the Morgue Shadows. If we don't know you personally nor can verify you? Then membership, to the Shadows just may be prohibited. (This system is in place to keep competition or spies from joining).

"We want our truest of trues being apart of the Morgue Shadows! It's not a do it just to say you are? Sort of thing. You will be serving our cause... In order? To spread it to the four corners of your area or even the Earth."

Our Artist, put in work daily to provide the most original in entertainment & music daily. They are the real deal! The music industry, is saturated by Big Media & Corporate desires. To include? National Artist, spitting messages of worldly desire & being used, as puppets! The industry, is also saturated by fools? Whom, can't discern the difference between a hobby & business.

Our Artist? Are not those types! They believe in their lyrics. They believe in their music. They believe in the Murder Morgue Records Cause... To Teach the World! We Are Here! To awaken you to the evils of this realm & give you the guiding light to tread it's treacherous waters... They are here to inspire! Give you real messages. To help you guide yourself, through the hells & reality, of this life & world! In order, that you rise from it's ashes with the confidence to pursue your passions! The Earth? Is a Murder Morgue! A Realm, that is a battleground of pain & daily war... Our Artist? They are the Anti-Virus set to awaken the lost & bring forth, an era of strength & confidence.... Will You Fight with Us & Help Us Spread Our Message? If Your Passionate About Our Cause? Want to Help Our Cause? Then Learn Everything You Need to Know :Here: