Currently? We are Doing More to Add Intense Products to Our Official Online Store the Morgue Store! We have allot on our plate this month, but the Morgue Store, is one of them? We are working methods to bring more merchandise and products, that will truly set ourselves apart from many out there? We are a Self Supported! D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) Operation here @ Murder Morgue Records! Everything We Do? Is out of our own pocket or on rare, rare, & even more Fucking Rare! The occasional support from random sponsors. 

Review what we have! We are always open to suggestions from our fans, friends, & viewers. Just Contact Us! For Now? We self release all of our titles and music. Soon? We will be aligning ourselves with a small national distribution company (Starting Next Year) There was one we where slated to go with in 2014/2015, but we quickly realized, they didn't have our best interest in heart! That's how we roll? We expect our Affiliates & Other Business Partners to believe in the same ethics we hold dear? When we go with this Company it will get our music available per and from the requests we have received to have our music in? The Apple Store, Amazon, Google Play, & the 100s of More that are available!

We have an awesome set up! With Logo SportsWear! A leading sports & athletics clothing company utilized nation wide by Schools, Educations Systems, Business, & the Average Joe for High Quality Gear! You can Check Out Our Affiliate Store with Them : HERE:

You Have to Understand? We Run A Self Supported Ship with Our Efforts! We are doing our best to prepare for better shopping opportunities for our fans, friends, & viewers of: www.HexFallen.com & www.MurderMorgue.com! Yet? We can't be the best? If you don't invest in what we offer? Our Products are Quality Products & There are More on the Way from Our Official Artists & this Label Known as.... Murder Morgue Records! Stay Tuned... It's All For You!

- Murder Morgue Records.