Tuesday - January 12th, 2016: King Micah Release's his Single Dreams, via The Morgue Store :HERE: 
King Micah, is currently working up his Demo: "Music is Magic", with Hex Fallen producing the title. King Micah this Saturday, will become an Official Artist with Murder Morgue Records. Joining the current line up of Official Artist, that we have....

King Micah's release: "Music is Magic", will be available in full, this early Summer 2016. 

King Micah, is not only an additional Hip-Hop Artist upcoming, with Murder Morgue Records. KM, is also a professional magician. Music is Magic, is an eclectic mix, that resembles early 90's style Hip-Hop, with a twist of Murder Morgue Studio's Sound.

King Micah, is a well rounded artist in Hip-Hop! Creating his own original style and format for his genre. While being ready to become an official artist, with Murder Morgue Records, as another artist, that brings Music from the Beyond!

Be Sure to Get to Know King Micah :HERE:

You will not be disappointed, this artist, is highly professional in his delivery music and magic. King Micah, writes, records, and performs... his own original material. Which is the type of dynamic artist Murder Morgue Records, is after.... We want 100% original artist, within our stable...

Be on the Look Out! This Tuesday 12th, January 2016!