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8 Months Ago! A.M. Entered Our Official Studio Here At Murder Morgue Records & Dropped his First Track for, "Reviving Reality!" After Hours & Days of Hard Work! His Next Official Release is Done! A.M., Became an Official Artist with Murder Morgue Records, in the Summer of 2014! Originally Releasing his First Title: "Human Coffin", with & Under Murder Morgue Records. He is Now Becoming One of Murder Morgue Records Youngest & Dedicated Artist's to the Cause! Each of Our Artist Bring 100% Dedication to the Labels Cause! Each Contributing Their Own Actions to Ensure the Label Grows, into this New World's Last Name in Mystery & Original Music, that is from the Beyond!....

DECEMBER 29, 2015: REVIVING REALITY by A.M., will be Available in Hard Copy & Digital Copy! When You Order You Will Receive Both!

Was Written. Created. Performed by: A.M.
Mixed / Produced by: Hex Fallen @ Murder Morgue Records.
Label: Murder Morgue Records.